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Our cancellation policy is 9 hours. 

This is to ensure other potential clients are able to book in and gives notice to the instructor to plan the class appropriately.

If a class is cancelled before 9 hours of the class start time, the class will be reinstated.
If a class is cancelled within 9 hours of the class, this will result in the class credit being forfeited.
Unlimited Members will incur a $10 automatic fee for late cancellation.

Please ensure to cancel classes through the Gia Pilates or Mindbody App as soon as possible so another client can hopefully take your spot. Cancellations via social media, email, website or phone are not accepted as we may be taking a class and unable to respond quickly.
We know it is not always possible to cancel outside the 9 hour window, but please be courteous to other clients and your instructor.
Cancellations made within 1 hour of the class are considered no show and the no show fee's will apply.
If you are unwell, please send through a medical certificate to and we will reinstate your class. 
The cancellation policy applies swapping classes and to the waitlist as well. For more information on the waitlist, see below. 


Not showing up to a class is considered a late cancel and will result in a loss of class credit AND $5 fee for clients, or a $15 fee for unlimited members.
It sucks seeing a spare reformer in classes, especially when there is a waitlist or your bestie missed out!

It is super important to cancel classes you cannot attend as soon as 

possible as there are people on the waitlist that might be able to attend and to avoid no show fee's.
Cancellations made within 1 hour of the class are considered no show and the no show fee's will apply.
We do not like implementing further fee's but we hope that this will make booking classes easier and waitlists move faster.


Our classes fill quickly as we have a maximum of 10 per class, however people cancel all the time!
By joining the waitlist, our system will automatically add you to the class when a position becomes available.

If a spot becomes available outside the cancellation period (9 hours or more), you will be notified via email and/or text and can accept or deny the spot.

  • If you deny the spot, the next person will be offered the position and your credit will go back to your account. 

  • If you respond yes or do not respond (no show), you will automatically be added to the class and the credit will be used - so be sure to reply!

Tip: Check your settings via your  Mindbody account to ensure you allow email & text notifications.

I'm still waiting...

Your App will tell you what number in line you are to a position in the class. Do not panic at the disco if the number appears high. The waitlists move very quickly, especially a day before and day of the class so check in every now and then to see what number you are.

After 9 hours:

If you are on a waitlist, please check your App regularly as you can be added to the class with as little as 2 hours notice. 

If the class is scheduled to start within 2 hours, and you cannot attend, you will not lose a credit or be charged a fee as we consider this late notice. 

Waitlists are treated the same as booking a class - the cancellation policy and fees apply.

Cannot attend anymore? Simply cancel yourself from the waitlist.

Please only waitlist classes you can attend.
If you are on multiple waitlists and get into a class, please remove yourself from the other waitlists.

Waitlists are treated the same as booking any class and the late cancellation period applies. If you are added to the class within 9 hours of the class and deny the spot it will result in a loss of class credit, or if you do not show, it will result in no show fees.

We understand things change so if you know you can no longer attend the class, be sure to remove yourself form the waitlist to avoid being added to the class and losing a class credit.


We allow 15 people to join a waitlist so if a class says 'class full' it means there are 15 people in line for the class! Seems like a lot.. but most of the time you will get into the class via the waitlist!


Doreen & Mill Park class packages and membership can be used across both studios.
Ringwood North class packages and membership can only be used at Ringwood North studio.
*Introduction offers, pre-opening specials, sales and challenges are excluded and must be used at the studio it was purchased from.*


No problem! All of our classes are beginner friendly. We cater to first time clients and experienced clients by offering advancements and regressions. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to your first class so the instructor can show you how the reformer works and introduce you to the space. We recommend purchasing the Introduction Offer 5 classes for $50 so you are able to experience a range of exercises and instructors.


At Gia Pilates we pride ourselves on being inclusive - our classes are for everybody and of all fitness levels. We may have elements of cardio and intensity in some classes but you can take it at your own level at all times. We offer options so that you can make things easier or harder. You can take a break at any time and we will always be your number 1 supporter.


To book into classes you must register online via the website or Gia Pilates App.
Our App can be downloaded by searching 'Gia Pilates' in the App Store or Google Play. It is free to download. You will be prompted to fill in your information. You can browse class times and book into classes. If you haven't made any purchases prior to booking, you will be redirected to the 'buy services' page.
If you have an exisiting MINDBODY account it will be the same username and password.


We understand traffic and parking can sometimes be a nightmare and other things out of our control occur so we ask you to plan ahead to always be early to classes. Please be aware we have a 5 minute late policy. The instructor and/or owner has the right to refuse entry if a client is late to class and the class credit will be forfeited. This policy ensures clients are warmed up efficiently to prevent injuries and doesn't provide distraction to the instructor or other clients. Please be aware your spot may be given to a stand by client or waitlisted client if you are not on time to class. If it is your first class, please arrive 10 minutes early so we can explain how the reformer works prior to the start of class. New clients may not be able to join the class if it has already started.


At Gia Pilates we combine classic Pilates techniques with dynamic exercises to achieve a fun and rewarding full body experience. Our classes are designed to strengthen and stretch all of our muscles. In turn we are able to improve flexibility, coordination, core strength, fitness, posture, breathing, mental health and stability.


We ask you arrive 10 minutes early to your first class so your instructor can introduce you to the space and explain how the reformer works. You will need to bring a drink bottle, grip socks or normal socks for hygiene purposes. Towels are recommended but not required.


We recommend wearing active wear such as leggings and a singlet or t-shirt. We suggest something you can freely move in yet slightly tight so it doesn't get caught in the machine. We change positions often so it is important you are comfortable. Grip or normal socks are compulsory. Grip socks are available for purchase at reception.


We can cater to pre-existing clients up until 16 weeks pregnant in group classes. It is so important to keep the body moving in a low impact and safe way. If you are pregnant, we ask you to disclose to your instructor so we can make the necessary modifications. We require a medical certificate to ensure you are not a high risk pregnancy. One on one or small group pregnancy classes may be booked with a trained pre and post natal instructor. We also require a medical clearance for post-natal clients returning to group classes.


Unfortunately not. All persons under the age of 16 are not permitted in the studio. We are a child free studio mainly for legal purposes but also to avoid any distraction to other clients as well as the instructor. We want all parents to be able to enjoy 45 minutes of complete 'me' time - which we know is hard to get sometimes!


We have bathrooms and water available at all studios so you can fill up your drink bottle and change after class if needed. 


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102/20 Yellow Brick Road Doreen 3754
2/3 Development Boulevard Mill Park 3082

190 Warrandyte Road Ringwood North 3134

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