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Please read through the terms and conditions on our website thoroughly before enrolling. When enrolling as a client of Gia Pilates of 102/20 Yellow Brick Road Doreen and or 2/3 Development Boulevard Mill Park 3082 and or 190 Warrandyte Road Ringwood North 3134, you agree to the terms and conditions as laid out on the Gia Pilates website.

Terms and conditions

  1. Reformer Pilates Classes are limited to a maximum of 10 persons only and you are requested to adhere to the booking and cancellation policy of the studio to ensure that others have an opportunity to attend should you need to cancel.

  2. At Gia Pilates the following cancellation policy applies to all clients and memberships: Group classes must be canceled 9 hours prior to the scheduled class time to avoid loss of class credit and or late fee's. Private classes must be cancelled 24 hours to the scheduled class time.  As our class sizes are small, late cancelations or no-shows often cannot be filled, therefore another client may miss out on a class. If you are unable to attend your class we request you cancel your class as soon as possible via MINDBODY or the ‘Gia Pilates’ App as there may be others clients that can take your place. Late cancelation (within 9 hours) will result in a forfeit of that session for clients on packages. Not showing to a class will result in loss of class credit and $5 fee for clients on packages. Cancellations via SMS, email or social media will not be accepted. We understand there may be unforeseeable circumstances in which you cannot attend your class. Please email if you are unable to attend a class due to an emergency. If you are unwell, please email a medical certificate to and we will happily reinstate your class.

  3. Please note it is a clients responsibility to book their classes and monitor waitlists. Should a client not book or use all classes on their package prior to its expiry, these classes will be forfeited and not extended unless a medical certificate is provided. 

  4. UNLIMITED MEMBERS (foundation unlimited membership and unlimited classes membership) will incur a $15 No Show fee for all classes they are absent for or a $10 fee if they cancel the class within 9 hours of the class start time. Fees will be charged automatically using the card on file or added to their next payment cycle should the payment of the late or absent fee fail. Failed payments will be attempted every 24 hours.

  5. A minimum of two people is required for a class to proceed. 

  6. Instructors or owner/s reserve the right to refuse a clients participation in a class due to safety or any other reasons as reasonably fit.   

  7. The minimum age of clients to attend group pilates classes at Gia Pilates is 16 years of age.

  8. Trainers and classes are subject to change without notice and we reserve the right to cancel classes if necessary due to lack of attendance, instructor availability or any other reason deemed appropriate by Gia Pilates. Should a class be cancelled by Gia Pilates, the class credit will be returned to the clients account. You will be contacted via SMS, phone or email a minimum of 1 hour prior to the start of class should it need to be cancelled and your class credited.

  9. Our Introduction Offer of 5 classes (valid for 14 days from first booking or attendance) is only available to brand new clients of the location it was purchased from (Doreen or Mill Park or Ringwood North). You can only purchase the introductory offer once. If the client has purchased the Pre-opening Special or any other pricing option, then they are ineligible to purchase the Introduction Offer. The introductory offer is non-refundable nor transferable and will activate from the date of your first class booking. Bookings can only be made to the studio the Introduction Offer was purchased for.

  10. The Pre-Opening Special is valid for 30 days and will activate from the date of your first class booking and is non-refundable nor transferable. The introduction offer and pre-opening special cannot be extended, refunded or transferred for any reason excluding injury or illness pending a medical certificate emailed to prior to the expiry of the purchase.

  11. ‘Monthly’ class packages are valid for 30 days from first class booked. Should you cancel the first class within the 9 hour cancellation period, this class will be forfeited and the package will be valid from this date. ‘Yearly’ and ‘Casual’ class packages are valid for 12 months from purchase date.

  12. Payment must be made prior to booking. To book into a class you must either have pre-purchased sessions in your account online or via the ‘Gia Pilates’ App, or pay at the time of booking in the studio.

  13. Gia Pilates reserve the right to increase prices and adjust terms and conditions at any point including introduction offer, memberships, yearly and monthly packages and products.

  14. All classes, memberships and packages are non-refundable, cannot be extended and non-transferable for any reason excluding illness or injury that states exercise is not permitted for a significant time period via a  medical certificate emailed to prior to the expiry of the package. Refunds incur a $10 process fee.

  15. Each client must have their own account and cannot book through another person’s details. Clients are unable to ‘share’ classes or memberships. If found to be in breach of this condition, the client may be denied entry and no refund will be granted.

  16. We have a strict 5 minute late policy. The instructor and/or owner has the right to refuse entry if a client is late to class and the class credit may be forfeited. This ensures clients are warmed up efficiently and doesn't provide distraction to the instructor or other clients. Please be aware your spot may be given to a stand by client or waitlisted client if you are not on time to class. If it is your first class, you may not be able to join in if the class has started as we need to explain how the reformer works prior to the start of class and cannot hold up the class starting on time.

  17. Whilst we love children, persons under the age of 16 are not permitted in the studio for liability purposes. We also want to ensure clients receive a quality class without distraction. This excludes ‘mums and bubs’ classes.

  18. Waitlisting classes: Classes fill quickly so we recommend joining the waitlist of classes you wish to attend. Our system will automatically add you to the class when a position becomes available.

  19. How do I know if I get in? If a spot becomes available outside the cancellation period (9 hours or more), you will be notified via email and/or text and can accept or deny the spot. If you deny the spot, the next person will be offered the position. If you respond yes or do not respond (no show), you will automatically be added to the class and the credit will be used so be sure to reply! Tip: Check your settings via your account to ensure you allow email & text for "schedule reminders". It is the responsibility of clients to ensure they have notifications turned on and monitor bookings and waitlists - not knowing you were added to a class is not a valid reason to return a class credit or avoid fee's.

  20. Your Gia Pilates App will tell you what number in line you are to a position in the class. There will be a tick i you are booked into the class. The waitlists move quickly, especially a day before and day of the class so check in every now and then to see what number you are.

  21. After 9 hours: If you are on a waitlist, please check your App regularly as you can be added to the class with 2 hours notice. It is the responsibility of the client to check their booking schedule and Gia Pilates do not take responsibility or refund classes clients did 'not know they were booked into'.

  22. We will send you a text to let you know if we have manually added you to the class. If the class is scheduled to start within 2 hours and you are added to the class but cannot attend, your class will be returned to your package if you respond N.

  23. Waitlists are treated the same as booking a class and the cancellation policy applies. Please only waitlist classes you can attend. If you are added to the class within 9 hours of the class and cannot attend, it will result in a loss of class credit. We understand things will pop up so if you can no longer attend the class, be sure to remove yourself form the waitlist to avoid being added to the class and losing a class credit.

  24. Pre-existing clients are able to attend classes up until 16 weeks pregnant. We do not recommend starting group pilates classes if you have never done pilates and are pregnant. A medical certificate is required for all pregnant clients to ensure you are not at high risk and it is safe for you to exercise.

  25. A medical certificate is also required for post-natal and post surgery clients to ensure it is safe for the client to resume group fitness classes.

  26. It is the client’s responsibility to disclose of any pre-existing injuries or illnesses. Our instructors may be able to provide modifications for minor injuries. We do not recommend attending group pilates classes with an injury unless the client has provided a medical certificate. Our instructors have the right to refuse entry if they are not satisfied that the client should be attending a class. If refusal occurs the class will be credited back to the account.

  27. All members can book unlimited classes for 8 weeks in advance but can only attend a maximum of one class per day.

  28. The Unlimited Classes Membership requires a minimum of 12 weeks lock in period unless a medical certificate is provided. Foundation Members are able to cancel their membership at any point given 14 days written notice to 

  29. All memberships can be suspended for a maximum of 12 weeks throughout the year with a minimum of 1 week at a time. If the suspension is within the minimum lock in term (12 weeks for Unlimited Classes Membership) then the remainder of the 12 weeks will be extended by the period of suspension. Membership suspension require 14 days written notice.

  30. All memberships can be suspended for injury for an unlimited time pending medical certificate and written notice to Membership suspension require 14 days written notice.

  31. Membership payments will continue indefinitely after the minimum term (12 weeks for Unlimited Classes Membership) until written notice is given to Gia Pilates via

  32. Gia Pilates require at least 14 days written notice to terminate membership. Please email request to

  33. In the case of long term or permanent injury or illness that prevents the use of our services, immediate membership termination will be permitted. Termination will take effect from the date we receive written confirmation from a medical doctor.

  34. Gia Pilates reserve the right to cancel a membership should payment fail 3 times or more.

  35. You agree with above terms and conditions. By booking into a class you automatically agree to the above terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

  1. This privacy policy sets out how Gia Pilates Pty Ltd ABN: 49639851424 upholds your rights under the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). This policy lets you know what personal information of yours we hold, what we do with it and who we will disclose it to. 

  2. Personal information is any information or opinion in any form, which identifies an individual or from which an individual’s identity is apparent or can be reasonably ascertained. By using our website and/or App and giving your information to us you indicate your consent to us and any other organisations third party suppliers and agents we engage or employ from time to time, to collect and use your personal information in accordance with the terms set out in this policy.

  3. We collect personal information for the purposes of delivering our products and services and communicating to our customer. We may collect your name, address, mobile number, date of birth, emergency contact person and contact details, bank account and/or credit card details, payment history, postcode, and other information.

  4. You are not obliged to provide your personal information to Gia Pilates however you acknowledge that without certain information it may not be possible for Gia Pilates to provide its products and/or services to you.

  5. Gia Pilates will seek to take all reasonable steps to keep any information we hold about you, secure, accurate and up to date. Your information is stored on secure servers and we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that our employees and contractors respect the confidentiality of any personal information held by us. You should notify us immediately if there is any unauthorised use of your account or any other breach of security. Gia Pilates does not accept responsibility for any consequences of the unauthorised access to your information.

  6. Classes may be recorded for by the Instructor for quality control, as well as promotional purposes. If you do not consent to the Instructor using video or still images taken during the class for promotional purposes, please notify the Instructor or Director in writing.

  7. We may amend this privacy policy from time to time and the current version will be published on our website. From time to time we may include links to other websites however we do not accept responsibility for the safety and security once you leave our secure site.

  8. You agree with above terms and conditions. By booking into a class you automatically agree to the above terms and conditions.


​Disclaimer & Liability Release Policy

  1. You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing your diet or starting an exercise program to confirm your ability to participate in that class.

  2. As with any form of exercise, participation in Gia Pilates classes may involve certain risk to your health and safety.

  3. You agree to comply with all directions and guidelines that are given to you by us, our instructors, director/s and our staff members with respect to proper and safe participation in our classes.

  4. You agree to disclose of any injury, illness or any other condition (including pregnancy) to a Gia Pilates staff member or instructor immediately so that they can attempt to adjust the class program for you appropriately as best they see fit or seek a medical certificate in order to continue participating in the classes.

  5. You will notify the Instructor if you experience any pain throughout the class and will immediately stop participating in the class if requested by the Instructor to do so; The instructor, owner or any staff member of Gia Pilates have the right to refuse your participation in class until a medical certificate affirming you are able to participate in a class.

  6. Neither we, our instructors or staff members are trained medical practitioners. Our directions, advice and assistance should not be taken as a substitute for professional medical advice. You acknowledge that you may be required to obtain a medical certificate to participate in classes.

  7. You understand that there is a risk of injury associated with participating classes at Gia Pilates.

  8. You hereby assume full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses, property loss, death and damages that you incur while attending, exercising or participating in classes at Gia Pilates.

  9. Gia Pilates are not responsible for the safekeeping of your belongings. Gia Pilates does not assume responsibility for any lost or stolen personal property. If you do become the victim of a theft, report it to a staff member immediately.

  10. You, your heirs, assigns or legal representatives will not sue or make any claims of any kind whatsoever against Gia Pilates, its instructors, owners, directors, representatives, or partners of individually or otherwise, for any and all injuries, claims, cost, expense or damages that you might incur, suffer or arise with your participation in any classes whether caused my negligence or otherwise.

  11. You understand and agree that you are in good physical condition and that you have no disability, impairment or ailment preventing you from engaging in active or passive exercise that will be detrimental to heart, safety, or comfort, or physical condition if you engage or participate

  12. You agree with above terms and conditions. By booking into a class you automatically agree to the above terms and conditions.



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